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We are on the bus, rolling toward Sellersville, PA. It’s been a great week. Playing at the Blue Note was very nice. In the past I had experienced great performances there. Keith Jarrett and his trio in 1994, for example, and Milton Nascimiento with surprise guest Pat Metheny… Spending time in the city was great. Wanted to check out BFold, a store on the 13th street that specializes in folding bikes (Bike Friday, Brompton etc.), but didn’t get around to it. I did make it to zazen at the Village Zendo one morning after 4 hours of sleep… Nice zendo and great people.

Since the Blue Note stage is not very deep the photos could not be projected very large, but I received a number of very nice comments regarding the slideshow. When we first set up the projector on Tuesday afternoon I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but I think it adds a wonderful element, especially since the order of the photos is random and therefore different for every performance. The brain makes up a new story every time…

Set up an appointment with the Genius Bar of the Fifth Avenue Apple store. My iSync problem stumped the very nice genius who, after working on my laptop for 30 or 40 minutes, had to suggest an archival re-install of the OS – which is not an option while I need the computer every night… Dinner on Tuesday: Kelley and Ping in SoHo – a nice little walk from the Blue Note.

Wednesday: MoMA. Enjoyed the new photography and listening to the sound of the airport sign clicking over in the design section (right next to the 1964 Jaguar Type E). Wish I had an Edirol recorder with me to catch sounds like that. Idea for a Diary contest: add a sound to an entry and ask people to guess what the sound is. Link to a photo on Flickr that shows the source of the sound.

Thursday morning, after sitting at the Village Zendo, I walked to French Roast on 6th Avenue and 11th Street for breakfast. From there to an interview at Bloomberg radio and then a nice walk back to my hotel.
A friend flew in from London to come to my last show at the Blue Note on Thursday and we talked him into getting on the bus, which picked us up on Friday morning in Manhattan, and driving to Long Island and then to Portsmouth with us.

I enjoyed playing at the IMAC in Huntington. I like the space and the stage. The audience did not hesitate to ask questions when I gave them the chance and it was nice playing one full-length show, as opposed to two 60-75 minute sets per night at the Blue Note.

Portsmouth was lovely and quite cold. Walked around a lot.
Had sushi for lunch at Sake. I played at the Unitarian Church, which was quite nice.
I felt that my playing was probably the best so far. The reverb in the church made me explore the dynamics of the guitar. After my performance we went to Pesce Blue for caipirinhas and a lovely late dinner.

Culture Court has this review of Stephen’s album Thira.

Meanwhile the Rohatsu-sesshin began at Upaya and Roshi Joan writes this.


  1. Carol

    “Idea for a Diary contest: add a sound to an entry and ask people to guess what the sound is. Link to a photo on Flickr that shows the source of the sound.” what fun. I’d love that kind of contest !!

  2. Cas

    When’s your next flight to Montreal!?

    we miss you!

  3. ricardo

    My wife and I went to the Portsmouth show on Saturday. What a wonderful performance. Sitting in the front row really added to the experience. The photos were a great accompanyment, too. My only regret was that I didn’t take you up on asking questions. I wanted to ask if you could talk a little aobut your trip to Tibet. Thank you.

  4. yumiko

    Looks like the solo guitar performances are really developing (music, photos and audience interaction). that’s fantastic!


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