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Left Santa Fe on Sunday evening to stay at a hotel near the Albuquerque airport, because our flight left at 6:30AM on Monday morning. Apparently La Quinta is Spanish for bad customer service as we had made a reservation for first floor rooms – so we would not have to carry luggage up and down at 4:30AM – but that had either not been communicated to the franchise or they did not care. In any case we ended up with rooms on the second floor and since the elevator was a mile away we ended up carrying cases up and down the stairs…

Woke up at 4AM on Monday morning and at 4:30AM started hauling the cases down. The flights to New York were uneventful, but it was interesting to note that Continental Airlines boards their planes much earlier than, say, United or American. I mostly fly United or American and they seem to board around 20-30 minutes prior to departure. Continental started boarding 50 minutes prior to departure. In fact the plane was already full before the food and drink carts were even delivered.

In the evening I walked 20 blocks to dinner in lovely Fall weather, much warmer than one would expect. Music from an event outside Lincoln Center wafted across the street, which was packed with people. Nice to be in Manhattan.


  1. Steve

    Best of luck with your shows. Six in three days. You are either a super hero, or a glutton for punishment. I vote super hero.

  2. Adam Solomon

    Most of the week in Manhattan! That sounds great–NYC is lovely in the winter. Make sure to hit up Central Park at some point! Have you been by Cafe Frida yet? Best of luck at Blue Note tonight.

  3. dave

    Ah, inching closer to BOSTON.

  4. Adam Solomon

    Out of curiosity, why stay overnight in Albuquerque? The impression I got when I visited was that the drive over is not much more than an hour or so. But yes, you’d probably have had to leave early–my flight was at a similar time (around 7) and the airport was surprisingly crowded…

  5. Carol

    You write so vividly,it’s like I’m right with you, yawning and toting and waiting and walking and relishing the whole thing. 20 blocks? I’m panting.. but you? nothing for you after hiking up Tibetan mountains. You are in good shape I’m thinking.
    What very special events you will be creating for those who attend! ahh, what fun..

  6. Chag

    One less customer for La Quinta to screw over. I can understand your viewpoint since I’ve had a similar situation during my travel. Maybe you should make your next reservation in spanish. Anyways, enjoy NYC.

  7. Jeff


    I saw you at the blue note last night. I thought you gave an excellent performance. I just wanted to say that while your photography is good, i don’t think it added anything to the evening……. maybe you could have it on between sets if you really want to share. i didn’t have too hard a time ignoring the slideshow, but my friends (4 of them) all found it a bit distracting. that’s just our 2 cents.

    Thanks for the music,

  8. Piramide

    Welcome to NY. (Or should I say, welcome back?) I am going to the Blue Note to hear you perform tonite. I am very excited as it was about 9 or 10 years ago when a customer at a bookstore where I worked turned me on to your music. This will be my first time see you perform live. Just wanted to wish you the best. Hope you’re getting an opportunity to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather we’re having here today. It’s great but won’t be lasting much longer. Blessings to you!

  9. Nina

    I just want to say that your music has softly played through out my grandmother’s, mother’s and now my house for years. I feel like you are a family friend. I hope that you are doing well. I live in Austin, Texas and I almost fell over when someone told me you were coming to the Paramount in January. I came across your website today. I used to live in Santa Fe with my father. He owed a jewerly store just off the square. The locals called it the “store with the beautiful lights.” He also sold stunning blown glass chandilers that were painted in with beautiful colors…but anyway I am reminishing. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

  10. Natalia

    Actually in Spanish (Colombian version) a popular way to say that something has bad quality is “the-something es de quinta”.
    We also have a version of “sapo”, that in some parts of the country is also called “rana”. I really, really, really enjoyed your music and your pictures today. Gracias.


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