No Cake!

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No Cake!
There are 583 ways to hurt yourself and your fellow passengers onboard an airplane. Gel (and cake) are exactly two of them. How many more are we going to protect ourselves against? If the best our bureaucracy can do is scare us with cries of ‘No Cake!’ and ‘too much gel,’ then I think we need a new bureaucracy.
(Via Seth’s Blog)

Fear is boundless and can eventually encompass everything. We can remove every sharp object from our lives or we can deal with the real problem, which is fear. What is the root of my fear? Where does my fear originate?


  1. vic

    Ive heard it said that “Fear is a self imposed prision”

  2. Luz

    FEAR is that other bad four letter word!

  3. Carol

    “The first step is the only hard one”*
    Fear stops a person from so much and often you find out the real happenings themselves are not bad at all. I used to fear getting in a car wreck. When I finally did I realized the fear had been more incapacitating than the wreck itself, not that enjoyed it of course….
    *Ottmar Liebert

  4. Matt Callahan

    CAKE? NOOOOO!!!!!!!

  5. Susanne

    For me Fear is the disconnection to my inner knowing that i’ll be fine. Usually this occurs when I’m surrounded by negativity, read too many newspapers,watch too much hopelessness.


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