Sunrise in Kham

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Tibet 949
Ken’s new book Integral Spirituality arrived while I was in Kham. I read it during the plane rides to Palm Springs and Sacramento last week. Highly recommended.

Played guitar last night while glancing at my laptop, which showed a random selection of photos. I chose about 600 photos from my library of over 11,000 pics. The shuffle command on iPhoto is just as entertaining as the shuffle command on iTunes – my favorite way to listen to music. So many selections made sense, or rather, my brain created entertaining/useful/interesting connections between photos. Quite enjoyable.

So nice to play my DeVoe Negra, after playing a $200 Chinese guitar for five weeks in Kham. By the way, that Chinese guitar had no label inside. I was told it was made for export to Spain, where a Spanish guitar manufacturer would add their own label!! And sell it for $500, no doubt…


  1. Luz

    Just curious what you ended up doing with the guitar? You mentioned you might give it away if it survived the long trek.

  2. Carol

    and if it is $500 people will KNOW it’s a good guitar. They won’t even have to try it out first : )

  3. diran

    Smart move by Spain, but not quality.

  4. Ruth

    I just finished reading Integral Spirituality. Predictably, I liked it and it left my mind percolating. A huge gift for me from the book came from this pithy phrase: “freely empty and fully full”. How to live that is a recurring question for me — especially in the sense of how the two come together.

    One impression I was left with that I am a bit uneasy with is the sense that the book was more about AQAL rather than spirituality. I feel like the book basically says “apply AQAL to spirituality” but doesn’t really do a lot of that. Perhaps I’m expecting too much. But I’d be interested in your thoughts.

    Thanks for the blog. Your reading list is fabulous!


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