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Patrick Chudleigh Says:
But did you learn anything REALLY important?

Yes, but that which is really important cannot be conveyed in words. The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. That means, I am not going to try to talk about it. If the understanding is strong, it will show through in my music – on recordings and in performance.


  1. yumiko

    On stage in Sacramento recently, I saw an musician/artist whose energy had changed. This musician’s physical energy was stronger, more outgoing than before. The energy conveyed in his music was radiating, for such a quiet man

    Someone brought Tibet back with them. Sometimes, it’s not what you learned. The strongest lessons are what is carried inside you. It’s not learning, it’s the carrying.

  2. Boris

    “it will show through in my music” – that’s what we were asking us, it will be a wonderful time coming up…

  3. marijose

    Yes, very well put. Reminds me of this quote by Rahim AlHaj in a concert program: “The responsibility of the musician is to make the music meaningful. The responsibility of the listener is to understand the message.”

  4. Patrick Chudleigh


    You have the Humanity narrative.
    38 phrases, 160 odd words. Humanity.
    Just for a moment, Ottmar, imagine this;

    Narrated slowly with the mingled voices
    of all lands, of all people, their accents
    lending import to the message.
    Have you written something to go with this?

    I had originally scripted it to
    Morning Arrival in Goa. Quite powerful,
    Very moving.

  5. dave


  6. Adam Solomon

    Boris is right! What more could we ask for?

    Erm, besides an Ottmar-Goes-Flamenco-Puro concert with a troupe of sexy flamenco dancers.

  7. Nancy

    Trying to explain your experiences would reduce them to mere words which have their limits. Whatever you experience merges with who you are. It’s up to us to choose how to use it. And it shows up in how we relate to everything around and in us — people, places, and yes, the creative process. You are probably still absorping it all as it is. Music goes far beyond words and touches us like nothing else can. It’s inevitable that this experience has changed your life and will reflect in your music. A profound way of communicating not only to the listener but to yourself. Bravo to you and your music!



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