Transit2 and Thira

02006-11-07 | Music | 2 comments

The new CD releases are now available from our web store.
Jon Gagan – Transit2

Stephen Duros – Thira


  1. Brad

    I had the pleasure of listening to a couple of tracks from these two albums at the show Last Sunday in Sacramento. Absolutely BRILLIANT. After buying and listening to Transit countless times, it’s hard not to expect anything less from Jon.

    Stephen’s album.. that is going into the CD player tonight (had One Guitar in for the past couple of nights!). I was highly impressed with the track you played that night (The name escapes me). Still.. absolutely brilliant.


    P.S.: I’m still half tempted to make the drive to SFO and try to find that notebook of yours!

  2. Matt Callahan

    Both arrived on Friday and both are fantastic!


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