Certified Jeans

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Certified Jeans
I have been looking for a pair of jeans that is made out of hemp or organic cotton and have looked and tried and bought a few I did not like. Well, at last I think I found a real winner. I am wearing a pair of the Certified Jeans right now, they are made from organic cotton and are incredibly comfortable. This morning I ordered another 4 jeans.


  1. James

    I will have to check those out; they look good. For hemp jeans, the ones I like are made by Two Star Dog – I find them quite comfortable, and they’re made in some nice colors too.

  2. Gudrun

    Ottmar, you are the first man I get to know whoever buy 4 pair of jeans on one morning! The most men buy 4 pair of trousers within ten years…

    Certified Jeans: Click to “order” and read the “volume purchases”, there is a special offer.

    You give me a hint with the LEO dictionary. Your diary and the comments are a great encouragement for me to get a better english. Learning by doing! So I have not only a Listening Lounge but also a Language Lounge!

  3. ottmar

    Gudrun, I don’t like shopping very much. When I find something I like I try to buy what I will need for the next couple of years.

  4. diran

    I agree with you,Gudrun


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