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We shipped “One Guitar” CDs to and they received them on August 30th. Unfortunately they still have not added them into their system. They say it can take 7-10 business days to make them available. They haven’t even added the cover photo yet. Ah well, maybe next week…

But, we have been busy shipping “One Guitar” CDs from our store. See this comment from Anna in Australia.

Today I received all 4 CDs that I’ve ordered from your website. They arrived in under a week. Currently I am listening to One Guitar, I cannot stop listening to it :-)


  1. Boris

    Two years or so ago I was making a fuss about ordering in the US from Germany as well. But SSRI is doing a fantastic job, everything I ordered since then arrived quickly and well packed! (I wish the store would be bigger, ha! :))

  2. dave

    For some reason, I just prefer to buy my OL cd’s from OL. Ordered One Guitar yesterday.

  3. Adam Solomon

    Mmm, they arrive to New York just fine too, mind you ;) Though that’s expected! Hey, and Dave is right, authentic from SSRI is always the best!

  4. Anna

    Boris, I wish that SSRI store offered more merchandize. I was very happy to receive 4 CDs as fast as I did; I am wearing out “One Guitar”, “Winter Rose”, and “The Santa Fee Sessions” :-)

    Currently listening to “In the Arms of Love”

    Adam, how is Yale?

  5. Anna

    I love Le Café, from the ‘Winter Rose’ CD, it takes me back to when I was an impressionable 8 yo and mom took me to see my first ballet.
    For the last 2 years I’ve been waking up to the ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’ :-)

  6. Mixalis

    My wife and I purchased “winter Rose” online through the listening Lounge and that was a pleasant experience. Moreover, I am glad to hear the positive feedback regarding the cd store.


  7. Adam Solomon

    Anna, Yale is lovely, thank you for asking! If you’re wearing out the SSRI store, the listening lounge has got to have enough to keep you satisfied for a while, no? :)

  8. Gudrun

    Boris, I’m from Germany (Bavaria) too. How much is the shipment?

    Enjoy our wonderful “Altweibersommer”!!!

  9. Anna

    Adam, glad that you are enjoying Yale: -).
    Since seeing Ottmar live, I’ve worn out La Semana. The CDs I’ve received last week: ‘One Guitar’, ‘Winter Rose’, ’The Santa Fe Sessions’ are meeting the same fate hehe. ‘In the arms of love’ I am holding onto for later. As for me wearing out SSRI store, it’s on hold till I get a new job….

  10. Boris

    Gudrun, well greetings from Bavaria then (Oberammergau) to Bavaria. SSRI has one international shipment fee which is 12 USD. If you want to know more, feel free to contact me under

    Hope you are not too infected by the Pope’s visit.

    Aren’t these days crazy: so fresh in the morning that it’s really cold (at least in the mountains) but summer-like the day over.

  11. Gudrun

    Boris, thank you for your quickly answer.

    Now a warm “Grüß Gott” from the gentle hills in the middle of Frankonia to the Alps! It’s very nice from you to leave me your email.

    Tomorrow I will write more. Just I came home absolutely done after my weekly Flamenco dance-lesson. Taconeos are perfect to some pieces from La Semana…..


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