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The purchase of the 20.5 mpg Audi incurs a $1300 gas guzzler tax; the purchase of the less efficient 15.8 mpg Jeep is gas-guzzler-tax free. Similarly, a 21.7 mpg Chrysler 300C, a large sedan, pays a gas guzzler tax of $1000, but the 13.9 mpg GMC Yukon Sierra, a very large SUV, pays no tax.


  1. Mixalis

    I reside in a state that imposes a luxury tax on my Audi.

    Audi is a car that gets better gas mileage than most vehicles and is undeniably much safer. Moreover, I do not consider my audi a gas guzzler.

    In a cold and wet climate, Audi quattro technology is the best…

  2. ottmar

    Don’t fool yourself. Anything that gets less than 25-30mpg is a gas guzzler.

  3. Mixalis

    When the prices were reaching $3.40 a gallon I did get a little nervous.


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