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Regarding this post and this postthis is a nice step forward. Ottmar by Naheed Ismail - 4
Click on the photo and click on “map” under “Additional Information”.


  1. Rob

    I hadn’t seen the geotagging on Flickr before – that’s a fantastic step forward! Something more akin to what you described in the previous posts is a currently available but not widely used technology. Check out the restaurant search engine provided by Bay Area Vegetarians here:
    http://www.bayareaveg.org/ug/ Pretty amazing search criteria allowed and clearly mapped results. Imagine these type of results for other things, and on a worldwide scale, such search function for the location of the closest low cost medical clinic, or food bank, or victims shelter, or support groups, etc etc. In an internet age this type of thing has endless possibilities. Place a PC at the front desk of a community center and people in need without a PC know where to go for private answers.

  2. Carol

    Another world to explore. Fun!


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