Virtual virtuoso takes a bow

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Guardian Unlimited Arts | Arts news | Virtual virtuoso takes a bow
A program developed in Vienna mimics human musicians in the performance of greats such as Bach, Beethoven and Mozart so convincingly that a casual listener to Classic FM would be unable to tell the difference. Perhaps more importantly, it allows notes – 1.5 million different sounds, to be precise – to be combined in new ways, so that composers can make new music on their laptop without needing to hire an orchestra.

Oh please, there is NOTHING like hearing 90 people in a classical orchestra making music together. It is more than the sum of its parts. It is glorious and a celebration of the human existance.

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  1. Matt Callahan

    I attended my daughters first orchestra performance of her high school career(?) on Saturday morning. After two days of practicing new music, they sounded incredible. It’s amazing how talented these kids are. They are few things that sound as wonderful.


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