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02006-08-15 | Ottmar | 16 comments

The One Guitar CDs will ship from the manufacturer today and should arrive in Santa Fe by the end of this week. Official release date will be 29. August 2006.


  1. Matt Callahan

    Even with my downloaded version right in front of me, the release is still exciting. When will the old habits die? Do I really want them to?

  2. Carol


  3. Boris

    Dito on what Matt says. I’m excited for both (yes, download as well, although I already own the TiR-files) and am already wondering how much I should order…….

  4. Clinco


  5. Anna

    Cannot wait, but wait I must! Even if it takes a few months for this CD to reach our shores. Sadly I never had a chance to listen to “No More Tears”

  6. David

    Looking 4-ward 2 be the 1st on my block 2 have!

  7. AdamSolomon

    Ottmar, that’s great!!!!!! Hmm, that’s a day after I leave, so that will be a good first piece of mail to the new college address :):) Do you have an idea yet as to when Steve’s new album will be out?

  8. diran

    Hi Ottmar
    Can’t wait to have it,but my dream is for the next one, to have
    CD AUDIO SIDE ,DVD SIDE.What do you think?

  9. Anna

    Ottmar, will Silence appear on the new CD? And will I be able to get ‘One Guitar’ from your online store? Wouldn’t mind being the first in Australia to have this CD together with La Semana LE, and will keep an eye out for the Trilogy, as well as OL Baseball Caps.

  10. Adam Solomon

    Anna–Silence will be on Ottmar’s next CD with Luna Negra, called up close, which should hopefully be out by the end of the year.

  11. Gudrun

    Anna, so am I and I also have two prescriptions against your excited waiting to the new CD: You visit the language school what you told about or you click and listen to There is a super song, which get you lively and diverts from a long waiting.

  12. Anonymous

    Hark I hear the bells ringing !

    One guitar and wings!

  13. Anna

    Adam, thank you. Cannot stop listening to Silence since hearing for the first time on Thursday night. Waiting for the new releases with great anticipation.

  14. Anna

    Thank you Gudrun. Since I am in Australia, I might have to wait till November or even December to purchase ‘One Guitar’, unless it becomes available on Luna Negra site or Amazon.

  15. Adam Solomon

    Anna, isn’t the version on the podcast with the string quartet absolutely phenomenal?


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