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Dr. Smith met a guy in animal nutrition who discovered that his horses would maintain HOMEOSTASIS by seeking out the nutrients they were short of by smell and taste. They decided that if animals could do it, humans could do it. Take chocolate cravings, a common premenstrual symptom. Chocolate is one of the richest sources of magnesium, and according to Dr. Smith, chocolate cravings often indicate low magnesium levels. Another common human experience is to come in thirsty on a hot day, and after you’ve had enough water, you look for something salty. When you have enough salt to replace what was lost in sweat, the salty food suddenly becomes too salty, and you quit eating it. If you start paying attention to what your body wants or wants you to avoid, you will find it easier to maintain your energy level.

Interesting stuff. Continue reading HERE. Of course this assumes that a person has retained a certain sensitivity regarding his or her body. It seems to me that some people eat to lower their sensitivity. They eat to become less sensitive to their body and its needs, and less sensitive to their life and the culture around them.


  1. Victor

    That is fascinating… and something everyone can experiment with. Yes, I think it’s a big problem that we are out of touch with such simple, yet subtle, perceptions. Of course, the speed at which many of us is a problem too… it’s very easy to get ahead of the signal that tells you you’re full!

  2. Gudrun

    To maintain your homeostasis in a healthy balance you have to drink tasty coffee like Ottmar! – just kidding…..

  3. Carol

    I wish I could hold onto awareness without making a conscious effort. To become once more alive every moment. Too often I am nearly done eating and I think that I’ve only been looking to the next bite all the way, and I’m sorry I didn’t taste a thing. It’s that way with so many things for me.


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