28. July Friday

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I leave the hotel around 7:20AM to go to Cafe Sierra on Lorna Street where I have a delightful strong latte (two shots of espresso). At 8:00AM I get picked up at the hotel and taken to a TV station. After getting the gloss of my facial skin expertly reduced and before the TV interview starts I conduct a brief phone interview with a radio station in Wellington using the NZ tour manager’s mobile phone. I am asked Why Flamenco and use the opportunity to mention the history of Flamenco, the Oud, Rahim AlHaj and our ListeningLounge…

The TV interview that follows also gives me the opportunity to mention the ListeningLounge and the upcoming One Guitar CD. Then back to the hotel and on shuttle busses with everyone else to the airport to fly to Wellington where we will play the last concert of this tour. Tomorrow we fly home: Wellington-Auckland-Los Angeles-Albuquerque… I might sleep for three days until we leave on Thursday for the concert in Colorado. Ah, we will travel on the bus again – how wonderful.
St. James Opear House Wellington - 4
The St. James Opera house in Wellington has great character. It is a building from the 1920s which has a stage that is slightly tilted towards the audience. For a brief time theater designers thought it clever to tilt stages so that the audience might be able to see the actors’ feet… but it was impossible and even dangerous for any dancers of course and the practice was soon dropped. I remember the feeling of pitching forward in my chair all night… 1996 we performed here I believe.
St. James Opear House Wellington - 4

Everyone is very tired, but the performance turns out well. Afterwards I sign in the lobby. A Russian brings 10 CD booklets and the DVD for me to sign and tells me that we have fans in Moscow. A young Austrian tells me he is visiting from Vienna where he attends the Music school. There are even recently immigrated Mexicans in the audience.


  1. Boris

    Russia, Austria, Mexico – checked & confirmed. :) As for Russia, you even have fans beyond Siberia in the Far East… Should think about acquiring signatures for them as well the next time, whenever it will be.

  2. Gudrun

    The ListeningLounge is a good cause! It is the only possibility for me to listening your music untill I find an internet shop which delivers cds from USA to Germany (look to response 0509021910). It is also generous from you to provide the pieces free and unabridged! Thank you very very much.

    Listen during reading your diary, das ist großartig!! I’m sorry about my english-knowledges.

  3. Boris

    Hallo Gudrun! Willkommen in der Runde der Online-Ottmar Liebert-Fans!!

    In short: amazon.de offers quite a good variety of the Ottmar’s older works but one can acquire there as well the latest “La Semana” or “Winter Rose” if wanted, via some companies such as caiman or dvdlegacy, whatever that is. They deliver rather quickly and are trustable.
    The best way, of course, as CDs are concerned, is Ottmar’s own Online Shop. And then there is the LL, of course, where not only you can download the latest albums as high quality mp3 but also tracks, e.g. live versions, that won’t be available elsewhere. Check also iTunes, you don’t need a Mac for that! Enjoy! And stay! :)

  4. Anna

    While trying to find the release date of the “One Guitar” CD in Australia. I’ve come across this review. Here is an extract.

    In his famous novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude” the Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez has a scene where … This piece of folk archaeology is part of the imagery that drives the story as a cultural echo. There are similar echoes in Ottmar Liebert’s new CD of solo acoustic guitar, that is, the ghosts of Spanish flamenco within the dreamscapes of the New World. One Guitar: 13 tracks of contemplation, meditation, exhalation, levitation… and exquisite solitude…

  5. Gudrun

    Danke Boris! Bin schon seit der ersten CD Fan, aber die “online-Jahre” fehlen mir!
    Thank you for your tips, I will follow them.

  6. Rhegan

    After lastnights event, (27 July, Auckland), my life has been enriched by your musical essence. I wanted to dance all the way home, and when I finally got there, I kissed my beautiful little girl goodnight, lifted my sleeve and admired your name which you had written upon my arm. I have decided to have it tattooed into my skin, where it shall remain until my last breath on this earth. So thank you Ottmar Liebert, I am truly greatful, to have met you, may the journey of our lives lead us to the same place, perhaps in another 10 years. You are a gifted soul that radiates purity.

  7. Anna

    Boris, Great PR work :-)

  8. ottmar

    Dear Rhegan,

    Thank you for your words. I was very happy to be in New Zealand again. After Santa Fe it is my favorite place in the world. Regarding my name – you could just watch it fade away and I’ll write it again in a couple of years. I do hope to bring my solo performance to Australia and New Zealand in 2008.

  9. Rhegan

    Kia Ora Ottmar, (that’s a greeting in Maori),

    It’s nice to know someone appreciates what another has to say. I speak from my ngakau (heart) when talking about you and your music, which by the way, I often listen to. I don’t sleep much, I can stay awake for almost 2 days. As long as I can paint with Snake Charmer (my favourite song) playing in the background, I’m happy. I’m still getting your name tattooed don’t worry, it won’t hurt. Take care, and if you return to New Zealand, I’ll be there, and you can sign the other arm. By the way, I’m going to read, The Last Opium Den.

  10. Anna

    Hi Boris

    Thank you for the link. I’ve just discovered this blog.

    I agree with Ottmar, my favourite comment is exquisite solitude…as well.
    What a beautiful way to describe a brilliant and spiritual man.

  11. Gudrun

    Anna, Boris – Help! What about Ottmars new album “one Guitar”? I read an article in June where he describe the story about the origin. But I can’t find anything else.

    Ottmar, when I read some parts of your diary and looked at the photo gallery I think after Santa Fe and New Zealand Italy is a favorite place for you!? Whoever prefer the taste of a perfect espresso is crazy to Italy.
    Non importa, anch’io! Godiamocela!


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