25. July Tuesday

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We have a show at the Burswood Theatre in Perth.
Beautiful venue and audience. We make more changes to the second half of the concert and start with This Year Release 10,000 Butterflies (solo), followed by Jon’s Northbound from Transit 2 and Stephen’s Thira, which is the title track of his upcoming CD. After the concert: meet and sign in the lobby. A couple of people separately express how much my music helped them while they were in a hospital with heart surgery and after a car accident. This means a lot to me. Critical praise is nice, but what’s better than being able to lift a person’s spirit!


  1. Boris

    The three pieces individually or performed as a medley? Oh, how I’d like to hear that! Any plans of bringing those versions to the LL?

  2. yumiko

    ten thousand ways to lift a person’s spirits…that is why music is so important. what a beautiful way to begin the upcoming concerts.

  3. Charles


    Great performance at the Burswood on the 25th July…mesmerising… The person in the car accident you speak of at the meet & greet following the show is me… It was a privilege to be able to both meet you and to be able take in your music live… I’m trying to recall the names of the songs played on the evening which featured the electric guitar…. Many thanks

  4. ottmar

    Dear Charles,

    The privilege was mine, thank you! I played the electric on “Santa Fe”, “Snakecharmer”, “Sao Paulo”.

  5. Ann

    Hi Ottmar
    We all thoroughly enjoyed the Perth concert! Thankyou!! It was actually a birthday gift from my family & because our 3 children play music (14yr son & 11yr son- accoustic guitar & 13yr daughter- piano) we brought them along for the “cultural” experience. They liked your electric works very much! My favorites were “Santa Fe”, “Barcelona Nights” & “10,000 Butterflies”. We were very impressed by the fabulous timing between yourself & Luna Negra! It was the 1st time we have seen you live & certainly would relish the opportunity to again sometime. Wonderful to meet you after the show! Like I mentioned to you, I do prepare dinner each night to your music as it puts me in a good frame of mind & is so relaxing after a busy day. I also especially luv “Euphoria” while working away in the office during the day! I just never tire of it. It is one of my husband’s favorites too, as we work together.
    Reading your diary is a privilege as I feel like I’m travelling along as part of the support team. Ottmar, you are a very special person & I feel blessed to have been at the Perth show & to have met you! Best wishes to you X


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