22. July Saturday

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State Theatre on Market Street in Sydney. Amazing venue, built in 1929.
It is cold, a record Winter for Sydney, and the theater has no heat… But we have a great time and perform Jon’s piece Northbound, from Transit 2, for the first time.
Tetsuya says hello afterwards, before I have to leave for the signing. He enjoyed the performance and toys with the idea of flying to Perth to see another concert. Before he leaves we talk about two ideas for my next visit to Australia: I want to play guitar at his restaurant for a special dinner and we want to visit Tasmania together, a place he likes very much.


  1. Anna

    Ottmar if you will play at Tetsuys I will make a booking there a year or two in advance :-)

    It will be an amazing night.

  2. Gudrun

    What about “Tetsuya”? Please explain, I’m new in the blog. Thank you.

  3. ed

    ottmar…love to seeyou perform again in sydney, i had a great night out listening to your music. when is your album “One Guitar” being released in Australia


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