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Anna Says:
Ottmar thank you! 0509021910 is a masterpiece, it moved me to tears.
Will it appear on any of the future recordings? And I loved Untitled Rumba.

Thank you Anna. THIS post explains what is happening with that piece.


  1. Anna

    Ottmar, thank you :-) Thank you for making such beutiful music, that touches our hearts and souls.

    I will keep an eye out for your cd in the stores and if i cannot find it by end of August I will order it off your web site.

    Looking forward for your next trip to Australia.

  2. Gudrun

    Anna, thank you for your suitable words. I will say: Du sprichst mir aus dem Herzen!

    Also “Untitled Rumba” named by me “Rumba gioia” (italian = joy).

    I never heard anythiny from Ottmar Liebert the last ten years ago in Germany (sorry Ottmar!). I can’t find no new cds in the stores and the German webside is very scanty. So it is a great pleasure and joy for me to discover the webside and all the wonderful pieces. I can’t stop hearing and reading (and translating – uff).

  3. Anna

    Gudrun, yes I do speak from the heart :-)


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