Start of the second Solo tour

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I will start with six shows at the legendary Blue Note club in Manhattan on November 27th, 28th and 29th. There will be two shows each night at 8:00PM and 10:30PM.


  1. Anna

    Ottmar thank you! 0509021910 is a masterpiece, it moved me to tears.
    Will it appear on any of the future recordings? And I loved Untitled Rumba.

  2. Gudrun

    This is a great intention but what about the poor aficionados in Germany??

  3. Adam Solomon

    Oh wow! Seven New York shows leaves one with the toughest decision of all…to go to only a show or two, or to hit all seven………:)

  4. Mixalis

    Really excited about the solo guitar/talk venue in the fall.

  5. diran

    Hi Ottmar, I m wondering any solo concert taking place in California…

  6. Anna

    New Zealand is famous for their wines, especially Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. While in NZ if you get the chance to try Ata Rangi you will love it. The last one I tried was the 2003 vintage and it was fantastic!! Felton Road Block 5 2004 was nice as well.

  7. Susana

    I was wondering if the Blue Note club in Manhattan is related to Blue Note Records? Have a great tour, Ottmar! I have been listenning to your music and it just blows me away. You are awesome!

  8. Vicki

    The Perth concert was a banquet for the ears and soul. I was transported to locations on our globe and the rythmn made me want to dance all night.
    It was a spectacular feast of sounds and emotions. I am still swaying to beat. Thank you all for making such a long trip to entertain us and allow us the pleasure of seeing and experiencing your truly magnificent skills and talent. May God, Buddha & the powers keep you all safe, healthy and happy and enjoy the tour.

    Please accept an open invitation to visit us again and experience the beauty of Western Australia and the hospitality Western Australians can offer to visitors.

  9. Boris

    Hey, that means 6-7 possibilities (including Long Island?) for Adam to visit a concert! Now I’m curious what he will do… Hmm, seems that Blue Note follows a similar concept as BB King’s, right? With people having dinner before the show.


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