Sunday 23. July

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Early flight from Sydney to Adelaide. Unlike the Quantas flight from Melbourne to Canberra the Sydney Quantas ground person does not allow me to carry the guitar onto the plane, even though there is plenty of room in the overhead storage units.

“You can’t carry that guitar. Softcases only!”

“This case is no larger than any softcase.”

“Rules are rules.”

“The Quantas person in Melbourne let me carry it on.”

“Give me the guitar or stay here.”

Yes, I remember that sentiment from history class. We all know what happens when people follow rules rather than thinking for themselves. Mountains and Rivers are destroyed, but the State survives.

HERE are some photos of the case. All of those marks were made by the Quantas baggage handlers in Sydney or Adelaide.


  1. Anna

    No matter what style of music one prefers, this was simply one of the most beautiful performances I have ever heard. (Sydney State Theatre 07/22/06).

    Incredibly powerful! I was taken on a spiritual journey, from the very start. Your performance was hauntingly beautiful, it was a mesmerizing adventure. It took me to such a variety of places with so many different emotions and feelings. It was a night filled with mystery, of being in a happy place.

    You have amazing inner peace & a very powerful energy that was felt on the night. Thank you for a special experience. Hope to see you back in Sydney very soon.

  2. diran


  3. Vikram Hazra

    Hi OL, long time/ have been busy travelling, went to China for the first time. Bought a Godin ACS in Hong Kong and they wdnt let me carry it on (thickly padded GIG BAG!!!) By god’s grace it survived the journey (testament to their bags) but now I am thinking of a TRIC case (made of EPP). Am shocked that they wd even stop you!!!

  4. Thirtyseasons

    I’d be furious about the case….But….on the flip side, that’s what the case is for. No you know it works……

    I’d still be pissed about it though. That kind of mentality does little but frustrate, irritate, and annoy me.

  5. Vivianne

    Attended show in Adelaide, unfortunately missed the first part because of promotional inaptitude, travelled all the way from Tasmania to see the concert. The second part was excellent and was able to appreciate some of the old tunes. Was bitterly disappointed, complained but no positive outcome was forthcoming. Percussion was extremely good.

  6. mahesh

    Aah the Airlines and their staff can be so insensitive :-( , I thought this happens with Amateurs like me ,who travel in economy class, never knew even “Ottamar Liebert” and his guitars get rough handling. On +ve experience I remember flying with NW Airlines from Minneapolis- Mumbai , The lady at groundstaff , was very helpful and inquired all about the type of music I play and general small talk :)-


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