Saturday 15. July

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Morning flight from Melbourne to Canberra, which is the capital of Australia. Hotel looks like it was designed in the seventies, a rather drab version of the seventies – except for the bright lime green carpet in my room.
Hotel Canberra - 6
The venue is nice. Dinner is a big improvement from the catering in Melbourne, which was dreadful. We are using local monitor engineers and since we have a different engineer every night, soundchecks take longer. It doesn’t help that I forget my in-ear monitors in the hotel and have to go back to fetch them. The performance feels great and the rhythm is very tight. Afterwards I meet people and sign at a table in the lobby – something I will do at every venue of this tour.

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  1. mhines

    Hi O2ma
    Glad you enjoyed your short visit to Canberra.
    You and the band were great – and a big thank-you for the signing afterwards. So many people in the lineup were wrapped that you were taking the time to meet people and sign CDs – it was well appreciated by all.


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