Tuesday 11. July

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I have Coffee across the street from the hotel and am back in my room for the first phone interview at 8:30AM. Then at 9AM a nice interview w Margaret Throsby on ABC Classic, which is nationwide. The very next interview after that has a different tone, because it is talk radio… so, no question about tradition or music vs words… instead: how are Flamenco groupies different from Rock and Roll groupies?

For the fourth and fifth interview we take a cab to the ABC Centre. Nice Shure mics probably dating back quite a few years…
Shure Mic in Tardis Booth
Lunch at the Roofbar with a nice view:
Tower and Reflections from Roofbar - 1
The last interview of the day at 8:30PM is back in the ABC Centre. James O’Loghlin is the announcer and we have a nice conversation.


  1. Tjandra

    How are Flamenco groupies different from Rock and Roll groupies? That is so funny. You’d think they would have better questions for you than that. :)

  2. kevin

    Hi there, Kevin from Adelaide here. I bought the first 4 tickets to see Ottmar at the Norwood own hall. waited on the net. At first it was going to be at the Gov, but then a change for some reason . Anyway I got tickets right up front dead centre beautiful location! Best seats in the house. First ones sold i have been told. Trouble is the first tickets where clearly marked 8PM start time as did newpaper advertising. I duly arrived at 7.50 to find heaps of people coming out from the first part of the performance. Pity the promotors did not bother telling me the concert times had been changed!They had my address, 2 phone numbers and an email. Oh well i enjoyed the second haft of the concert once i managed to get the people occupying my seats to vacate them. Enjoying that so much just made me even mnore angry at the organisers. Got to meet Ottmar and have my cds and dvd signed !! And the 4 dud tickets too lol. Currently venuetix are trying to figure out how to compensate me for missing a show i have waited years for. They might give me tickets to Pearl Jam? Who knows. but i sure would have prefered to hear Ottmars entire show. Showed a heap of people my copy of Nouveaumatic none of whom had heard of it. Suggested they go to SSRI and buy it asap along with all else on offer. Come back again soon Ottmar and enjoy our beautiful country. Our door is always open. I might even catch the entire show next time.
    Regards Kevin


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