Monday Morning 10. July

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I am walking East on Market at 7AM. Beautiful clouds in the sky. Across Hyde Park I walk towards the cathedral.
Cathedral Tree Sky
South of the cathedral is a staircase that leads to a footpath which takes me to William Street. East on William Street toward Kings Cross. Right on Victoria. The Latteria is packed, not a single seat available. I go to Morgan’s. Coffee. I look at a magazine, the June/July issue of Wallpaper. I notice an advertisement for a company that sells Lighting fixtures and now offers a way to control those lights from a computer. Lighting scenes for shops, restaurants, bars, hotel, and soon certainly: home. Home as a stage. Living as acting. I feel about this the same way I feel about remote controls… don’t need it, rather get up… brain/body not separate… Funny to imagine people setting up special lighting scenes in their living room that duplicate the lighting from a movie scene…

Then I have to head back to my hotel for nine phone interviews.


  1. Carol

    You sound so relaxed….and you know? I’ll bet your responses on the phone interviews will all be fresh and new to the listeners. you are something….

  2. Susana

    William Shakespeare said “All the World is a stage and we are merely actors.” People set the stage, create the mood through artificial lighting or what have you, and devote all that attention to detail and miss the essence of living in a more genuine reality opting for a constructed dream. There is something very artificial and self-conscious about it. And even costumes are contrived. The knock-offs of beautiful dresses worn on the Red Carpet or to the Oscars sell like hotcakes. It borders on some sort of obsession with Social Constructionism. You are so right. It misses the point of living mindfully and concretely for living in a shell or sound stage.


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