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Tuesday night’s performance at the SOhO in Santa Barbara was a gas and we had a wonderful time!

In Vegas one of the local guys, who also makes some very groovy guitars, sold me a Line6 Shortboard, and at the SOhO I used the built-in Wah pedal for the first time – on Sao Paulo. The combo of playing the electric guitar with my fingers instead of a pick and using the Wah made for a lot of tonal variety. Add to that the serious groove Jon, Dave and Stephen were laying down and…

After our performance a couple of friends took me to Roy for a late night snack and conversation until way past midnight.

I still forget to carry my own cup to a cafe about half of the time…

Also recommended: I enjoyed coffee at Java Jones on State Street, and on wednesday evening I had a tasty Mojito at Café Buenos Aires. They also had a nice Tango trio (bandoneon, violin and upright bass) playing on their patio.

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  1. Laura & Nathaniel

    Your new Wah on “Sao Paulo” at SOhO the other night coupled with the grove the guys were laying down was, in a word – Yummy. The entire night was divine – we loved it all.
    Speaking of “yummy” — We hope that next time you come to Santa Barbara, if you’ve not already taken in the experience of the unsurpasable food and unique proprietors of the – ALL ORGANIC – restaurant “SpiritLand Bistro” on 230 West Victoria Street in Santa Barbara, that you will treat your beings to it. We sense you will forever treasure the experience. (note: “SpiritLand Bistro” knows nothing of me sharing this with you.) THANK YOU very much for your soul soothing performance on June 13th – it did us some much needed good. Happy trails to you all.


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