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Last night’s gig in Newport Beach went well. Stephen Duros enjoyed the In Ear Monitor system and we had a very nice first show together. Afterwards I met Terry Carter of Travertine, who’s Shea Handcreme saves my hands every Winter. It was nice to meet him in person.

This morning three of us woke up in Vegas with headaches. It’s a peculiar headache that some people get after the bus has been parked at even a slight incline. The incline means that more blood flows to the heads of the passengers sleeping in the bunks (one always sleeps feet-forward) and causes headaches. Jon, myself and new cotton-tech Alex were afflicted.


  1. Carol

    Oh my, you have really had your ups and downs and slantyways too. I can imagine sleeping at a slant could do it even if you switched ends now and again. I hope your bustimes go as well as your music times after this.
    I’ll be thinking aobut you.

  2. Mike Whitaker

    I have experienced those headaches before while camping in a tent. An ever so slight incline can really cause an enormous headache. My 13 year old son and I attended your show at the Railhead lastnight Ottmar. It was absolutely fantastic. What a great pleasure it was to witness such awesome musicians. Thanks for the wonderful music and hope to see you in Vegas again sometime.
    Take care,

  3. Mike Whitaker

    oops, I have to correct myself, I said I seen you lastnight. I actually seen you perform this evening. THis is what happens when we get old, we lose track of time, ha ha . Have a great one Ottmar and thanks again for the wonderful music you bring to our world.

  4. Amy

    What a couple of days you have had…poor dear and poor deer! We are looking forward to seeing you in Temecula this evening. It’s an early Father’s Day present for my Dad. I can’t wait to surprise him! Happy Trails and we’ll see you soon!


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