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Blogger has been acting up for days now. I think it is their FTP process. In the meantime you can check ottmarliebert.com/archives/diary for news.

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  1. April Hensle

    Hello Mr. Liebert!
    Have just been re-enjoying some of your music (very much my favorite for almost any point in my day or week!) Thank you for this, my touchstone to happy places and times in life!!

    Off the cuff, I decided to check out what new things you might be up to and stumbled upon this blog! I’ve not read in depth, but just briefed through your most recent posts and wanted to say thank you for this, as well!

    I admit I’m not quite certain that I can understand what a person I’ve never met might be feeling – however, it almost feels like I could appreciate what it seems you may be going through?

    My life is in transition (although I’m still very belligerantly holding onto the concept of “fixed” and “same”). Maybe I’ll let go, and your words, reminding me of the Tao Te Ching may help me try to learn to bend and possibly even to flow!

    Wishing you well on this lovely late summer day! May you continue to find inspiration and fulfillment as you explore new, old and all the places in between!



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