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I have been using Onymyrrhe on the nails of my right hand and have changed the way I reinforce them with krazyglue and acrylic powder. The link is to the least expensive vendor I could find for the Onymyrrhe nail fortifier and strengthener.

I am now only covering the bottom 1/3 to 1/2 of my right-hand nails with krazyglue and acrylic powder. That allows me to apply the Onymyrrhe to the root of the nail every day. The nails do indeed seem to grow faster, although it is hard to compare because I was in Cancun for three days last week and higher humidity makes nails grow faster as well.

In any case, I performed the gig there with my new nail technique and it worked fine. I do think that this new technique will be healthier for my nails in the long run. (photo will follow at some point)

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  1. Carol

    I’m happy it’s from Amazon. I enjoy ordering from there, and it seems like it’s usually the most economical.
    I like the idea of putting a coating on the upper half of my nails and moisturrizer, etc on the cuticle area.
    Thank you for sharing the info.


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