Deserts creeping closer

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Deserts may be creeping closer to cities – Yahoo! News

Moving the jet streams farther from the equator could disrupt storm patterns, as well as intensify individual storms on the poleward side of the jet streams, said lead author Qiang Fu, a University of Washington atmospheric scientist.

In Europe, for example, that shift could mean less snow falling on the Alps in winter. That would be bad news for skiers, as well as for farmers and others who rely on rivers fed by snowmelt.

‘This definitely favors or enhances the frequency of droughts,’ Fu said of such a shift.

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  1. Borya

    Recently we here in the European mountains learned that the effect does not mean less snow but every kind of weather intensified, in extreme. That means even more snow in winter, more rain when it rains (a running gag atm is to not talk of rain anymore but of monsun) but also more dry and sunny periods in summer. I’m no scientist, though.


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