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Besides the fact that reverse osmosis gives you drinking water which in most cases is far from pure and not what the State of California normally calls ‘purified water’, is one of the most incredible water wasters ever invented by man.

I have blogged this before, but it is an important topic and here it is again.


  1. Patrick

    I couldn’t agree more. R.O. is best suited to emergency and/or temporary remote installations.

    When forced to purchase bottled water while on the road (and fresh out of my home made stash) I can hardly tell the difference between the bottle or the closest tap. It’s either “spring water” and way too salty or R.O. source and loaded with all the things it says are removed.

    But I guess if you’re going to eat out at McDonalds what’s the difference?


  2. marijose

    My refrigerator at home has a water dispenser on the door. The water is just chilled tap water, it’s not filtered. My kids, who are very picky about what they eat and drink, insist on drinking water only from the refrigerator door because they think it’s filtered. They insist that “it tastes better than water from the sink.” The placebo effect at work.


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