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The shaman and the musician have in common the ability to transform suffering. For the musician suffering transformed becomes increased depth. If natural talent and dedicated practice are the height and width of the matrix in which the musician places her/his notes, suffering transformed gives this matrix depth. Suffering does not have to mean great illness or life-threatening injury, it can mean alienation, separation, despair…


  1. Winston De Armas

    This is the single most impacting, truest and most interesting paragraph I have ever read with regards to music. You can have talent and practice and produce good music, but the DEPTH of your music, its impact on listeners and even its impact on you is a product of suffering. The most beautiful Spanish Guitar music is the one that pains the heart – the song that is the child of pain is the loveliest.

  2. Anonymous

    We hear each others pain and elation !
    Music universal language , round and round !


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