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…Transit2 that is. Jon came over and we listened to the music for Transit 2 in Oto-Mare. He has more music than will fit on a CD and I don’t envy him the effort to edit it down to CD length. It was interesting hearing my solos for the first time. Vaguely familiar sounding and yet strange and un-remembered. Like the left hand not knowing what the right hand did…


  1. Matt Callahan

    Please tell Jon that none of us would be offended by a 2 disc release.

  2. Borya

    … or by additional tracks available in the LL.

    Thanks 4 keeping us up 2 date with the development of T2 as well. The record will be fantastic, wait: the summer will be fantastic!

  3. Luz

    Good idea Matt but maybe whatever he cuts can be available on the Listening Lounge as a teaser of what’s to come on the CD. Eagerly awaiting T2!


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