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On the right side you will find how long your ears may be exposed to the volume on the left before they are permanently damaged. There is no fixing ears yet – and hearing aids are getting better but are nowhere near natural hearing…
(For Rommel, whose ears are shot now and who would be wise to buy some good hearing protection. My guess is that his ears were exposed to about 125-140db for 2 hours…)


  1. Carol

    Either people are going to have to listen to how the deaf got that way and use their heads, or we’d best start teaching sign language in early grades.
    Too many use their loss of hearing (temporary, they hope) as a sign of how great the music was. What a price to pay.

  2. Carol

    mmm, so if you don’t have ear plugs you could have an excuse to mow only a small section of yard at a time?

  3. Mary H.

    Thanks for the info – my husband works with power tools all the time and hardly ever wears hearing protection. I am going to have him check out this link.

  4. Adam Solomon

    Ah, thank you! Now to see how to measure db output on MP3 players…


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