TerraPass and Car Rental

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As I drove a rental car from Oakland airport to Geyserville I thought that a TerraPass option should be available to every renter. When making a reservation on the web a drop-down menu should offer a TerraPass for the period of the rental, when calling for a reservation a TerraPass should be offered.


  1. Anonymous

    If we all could percieve , the cries of the earth, that healing ,or spirtual quests, are interelated to the Earth and the air we breathe! Then we would have progress!

  2. Anonymous

    Ottmar check out this book , The Dream of the Earth . Thomas Berry

    Sierra Club nature and natural Philosophy Library!


  3. marijose

    Maybe DMVs could offer people the option to buy a Terrapass with every new car registration or renewal. One-stop shopping.

  4. Eric

    Or better yet – go to CarbonFund.org and offset your carbon with a non-profit organization. TerraPass is a good idea if it gets people to do something.


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