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We are working on some East Coast solo shows for November.

You might have noticed that my email link on this page and on Flickr has been changed to That is the result of more and more spam. I will continue to receive your email, but now your address will be verified before it is forwarded to me.

As I walked back from Upaya, where I forgot my mug on Tuesday, I noticed the beautiful light… strong southwestern sun, filtered through a whispy white cloud, enveloping everything in sight with a magical shimmer. Last month marked the 20th anniversary of my arrival in the City Different.


  1. Naheed

    Please include Minneapolis if you can for your Solo show in November.

  2. mmdorta

    How about coming back to South Florida again!!!! Your last scheduled concert down here was cancelled because the theater roof collapsed….remember? We missed out…the disappointment is just barely fading. :-)

  3. Carol

    Thank you, Naheed. If enough of us ask him to come north, maybe someday again. It was no problem to drive from SDak when he had the two conncerts I knew of.


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Thu, Feb 15 2024 in Solana Beach, CA
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