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Treehugger: Buying Green as ‘Second Nature’
Are consumers catching on to the benefits of buying green quickly enough? Not for the Sustainable Business Roundtable, an advisory board to the British Government.

Click on above link to read the suggestions – all good ones I think.

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  1. Anonymous

    Because none of us think the same way. We make the same tactical error’s again & again! Human vs Evolution, what action? Keep the big ones through back the little ones. Is not escapism great. Its beyond the window and pane. Like Irony. Hesitation, reversals, half a degree. This now notorious , presto global warming, the crystal ball is cloudy. The difference between the currents fluxuates 10-20 degrees , Yes the winds are changing. Endless tains of cnosequences. Wake up people you only have one UNIVERSE.


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