10 things you can do

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Yahoo! Celebrates Earth Day
Pledge to do at least one this year by selecting the checkbox. Total Pledges Made: 124,324.

Take a look! Simple things you can do today!

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  1. Carol

    It can be an interesting challenge and actually fun to think of ways to conserve and be a ittle smarter. Thank you for the reminders you give us. I use my small “toaster” oven for a lot of things I used to heat up all that needless space in my giant oven.
    I sure try to pile things up on a list to do in one drive in the car…often only using it once a week. I’m retired you see :)
    I know we can do it if we just think. I remember as a child thinking of the huge pile just the extra gum wrappers would make all together. “If all the trash were one pile what a great pile that would be”


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