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An email I received:

I’m a big fan. As a fan, I always want to find information about my favorite Artist. Finally, I get to find a site on the web that I can find information about you. I found your CD in the “New Age” section but I never gave a thought of what does this mean. I just enjoy your music. When I explored and read about you in this website, I was shaken by reading about Budda, Nirvana and all kind of other things that apparently are your believes which are contrary of what I believe. Still your fan though. I admire you, the Artist, even though I don’t know how to reconcile the difference in our believes. I have to confess that I’m in shock. I respect your believes and will continue to admire you as my favorite Artist.

My answer:

It’s always only the music that matters.
If you don’t like my point of view – don’t read my online diary.
Words can get in the way. Don’t let them.


  1. Thirtyseasons

    Well Said.

    Music can take you places, let you dream while your awake….but it’s a journey that’s easily derailed. If words, ideals, or perspectives get in the way of that, corrupt or derail the journey, then you need to make a decision. What’s more important, for you?

  2. Anonymous

    I have struggled with the same thoughts..but what great music!

  3. Mary H.

    Perhaps reading your diary will open this person’s eyes to the fact that the world is too big for just one point of view, and that we each must find our own truth. Perhaps your music is only the beginning of a new outlook for him/her.

  4. Adam Solomon

    The focus on beliefs has long perplexed me. I don’t know that what I believe is the truth, you don’t know that what you believe is the truth (that’s the definition of a belief, no?), so why should different beliefs matter?

  5. Carol

    I very much like what Mary said. After all the input from many different sources, if we keep our minds open to growth we’ll find our own truth…and oh how your music helps.

  6. marijose

    It is understandable to be shaken by beliefs that are so different from ours. There are many philosophies and ways of thinking in this world that many of us are not commonly exposed to in our daily lives. Buddhism is one of them. But it is not scary and actually it is quite interesting to read about. We enhance our ability to remain lifelong learners by constantly challenging ourselves.

    It is also perfectly fine to agree to disagree and simply enjoy the music.

  7. Jackie Dassler

    This comment was really interesting to me and your response was wonderful. I’ve been practicing Buddhism for about nine years now and I love to sing choral music. I just recently joined the civic chorus in my city and when I mentioned that I would be participating in a concert featuring African American spirituals, one of my staff members at work (who is aware of my beliefs) asked, “….isn’t that against your Buddhist’s practice”. My response was no, I enjoy the music; the beauty of the voices coming together in celebration of the spirit behind the words.

  8. Vikram Hazra

    For me, its OL’s sensitivity as well as his sensibilities that make me a fan; besides the music, his environmental awareness, love of food, architecture, Buddhist thought and photography all enhance my “OL experience”; and of course he’s a Mac user :) I do feel all these shape/ describe him and contribute to making his music what it is.

  9. Rob

    I count myself lucky for having been given the chance to not only enjoy Ottmar’s music, but also come to see a little broader view of the world through some of his beliefs and interests that he shares here. I don’t agree with (nor would he probably want me to) every viewpoint that Ottmar expresses but I certainly have a great respect for his creativity, beliefs, and desire to fashion a better world.

    One of my closest friends really has trouble understanding me but I see no conflict between holding onto my core Christian beliefs and at the same time bearing a tremendous respect for the Dalai Lhama and a high regard for Buddhist teachings.


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