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Music: The Baghdad Lute – Naseer Shamma

Another Ud CD. In England it’s ud, in the USA mostly oud. I think I am just going to switch back and forth… Found the CD at amazon – see direct link above – and enjoy the music very much. On track #5 he used his fingers instead of the plectrum commonly used – and apparently this is an ancient oud technique, as sculptures and inscriptions show. A technique “used nowadays for the flamenco guitar”, as the liner notes point out.

Asked Rahim AlHaj – check out his updated web site – what he thought of Naseer Shamma, and he wrote this: Nasser Shamma is a good friend of mine. He graduated a few years before me. He is an incredible musician. In fact he is the best oud player in the world right now. We compete against each other in a good way. I admire him very much.

Well, we should support these incredible musicians by buying their CDs. There is very obviously a great wealth of wonderful musicians out of Baghdad. Ah, and I think by the end of next week you should be able to buy and download two of Rahim’s albums from the ListeningLounge.


  1. kammo

    Nasser shamma is absolutely on of the best oud player in the world, especially if u r arabic u uderstand his music even more, the only one thing is his music makes me so sad, if u like oud u can aslo try marcel khalifa
    his lebanese, absolutely amazing too………

  2. Borya

    It’s amazing music. I thank you for recommending it. Rahim’s Friendship album is fantastic as is Munir Bashir’s Flamenco Roots. I’m curious to listen to more.

  3. Eric Goh

    Thanks for posting the links. I didn’t have a pen at your concert and couldn’t remember the names of the musicians. During your performance (Redwood City, CA), you also mentioned a couple of traditional Flamenco guitarists that you really respect. Is it possible to post some Amazon link to their CDs as well? Thanks!

  4. Gabriel

    Rahim Alhaj is playing a special solo performance in Portland, Oregon on Friday May 12th. Would you like to come? Thanks Ottmar–gabriel


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