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Dark Days For Energy Efficiency – Yahoo! News
Across the board, federal funding for energy efficiency is taking a major hit. In the White House’s proposed 2007 budget, efficiency spending is down 17% overall from 2006 appropriations, and 25% from levels in 2002. The cuts are deeper for individual programs. Research to help industry reduce energy use is slated for a 30% decrease, and some programs are being shut down.

Is that smart? I don’t think so.
Thanks Salma

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  1. Carol

    And President Bush is threatening to veto it because of all the nonrelated pork attached to it..That would be different. A little fiscal responsibility? Something he has never done up to now..I don’t understand the lawmaking process. It seem like one bill should pertain to one subject, and why can’t we have a line item veto? It would cut down on laws just for political favors.


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