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Ottmar Liebert Seattle 4/22 - 9
Nice photo by MC. Click on the photo to see more of his pics.

I am very happy with the three solo performances I gave this weekend. I made some silly rookie mistakes – for example I did not repeat the questions people were asking me, which meant that people in the back were left wondering what I was talking about – but the overall result was good, much better than I expected in fact. I enjoyed playing solo very much (no, it won’t ever replace performing with a band because it is completely different) and the audience was so receptive both to my music and my words that I am looking forward to doing more solo shows, either later this year or in 2007.

My next experiment? I want to add a slideshow from my laptop, connected to a video projector. I would show my photos: Santa Fe, New Mexico, landscapes, skies, macro etc… I would also create a series of words and sayings that would be projected while I am talking – maybe even while I am playing guitar… Cleverly used, words could sometimes contradict and sometimes underscore what I say. They could add background to a story, serve as an explanation, or even present a different angle altogether. I would come up with a few dozen “sayings” or word-combinations which could play at random behind me. This adds another element and of course this new element will either distract or enhance.

I will just have to try this sometime and see it in action in order to come to a conclusion. On one hand I love the simplicity of performing with just a guitar and a microphone, on the other hand it might be nice to bring my own photos to the performance. Distraction or enhancement…

Memory from Seattle: after midnight, before taking the elevator up to a room above the club, I looked over at the stage one last time. In the middle of it remained a lone chair.


  1. Carol

    I love to think of it. Your music surrounded by your photos and your words with such wisdom all intertwined..oh…I don’t know. If I were to able to experience that I might just float away completely.

  2. Matt Callahan

    I can think of at least 6 people who were also very happy with the performances from this weekend. The trip was definitely worth it.

    I look forward to see how this type of performance evolves. You know, going from traditional to a hybrid :)


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