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  1. I would love to hear somebody using my solo guitar recordings for remixes. Hm, maybe remixes that are NOT dance-mixes… remixes that don’t have a big beat… remixes that are more like collages…
  2. Nice: spending almost 3 days in a great city.
  3. Nice: the accord case with my guitar is soooo light and small and a joy to fly with…
  4. Nice: reading the May issue of Vanity Fair on the plane from Oakland to Albuquerque. Well done and highly recommended reading. Let’s face it, please: Global Warming is not a partisan issue and we all need to pull together. When the house is burning, we don’t start bickering over how the fire was started, we grab a bucket and help put the fire out!


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  1. Steve Ballard

    Well Ottmar, just to let you know I did get alot of your solo recordings, actually I think all of them. I’ve been thinking about how exactly to remix them and do them justice. I, like you, didn’t want to see them done in a techno or dance mix. However, you did give me a possible idea of how to do it. It’s just that I feel like a 5th grader trying to accompany you. LOL



  1. One Guitar Remixed - Creative Commons - [...] Ottmar Liebert (you can read his Featured Commoner interview here) pondered that he would like someone to remix his…

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