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Seattle 20. April 06 - 4
Got up at 5:30AM on Thursday and left for ABQ before 7AM. Even though I arrived at the airport two hours before departure, I was in boarding group “B” for my Southwest Airlines flight to Seattle. Since Southwest does not assign seats, Boarding group A generally means no problem with the guitar case, group B means a 50:50 chance and group C spells trouble. Thanks to the pilot who turned me on to the Accord Guitar Case last year! It’s expensive, but so small and light that I have had no problem flying with it. Knock on wood!

The hotel charges $16 for 24 hours of internet access and I refuse to pay that kind of money for something that should be free. Instead I am in a Juan Valdez cafe with free access… Juan – you rock.

I have no idea whether my talking tonight will be interesting… the themes will be: Hybrid vs Tradition, which will also go into a little bit of Flamenco history, Flow: Gazing vs Staring, and lastly Playing vs Editing. I have also decided to try what will challenge me the most – to play a couple of songs, then talk for a little bit, then play another two pieces, talk a little more etc.

We will all know more tomorrow…


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