Pine Forests

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Guardian Unlimited | Science | Fragrance of pine forests helps to slow climate change
The fresh fragrance released by trees in northern pine forests is a significant component in slowing climate change, according to research. The particles that carry the forests’ olfactory assault also help to cool the planet by bouncing energy from the sun back into space. Now researchers have worked out that the forests produce enough microscopic particles to load the atmosphere around them with 1,000-2,000 particles per cubic centimetre of air.

How about a whole lot of THESE hanging in every city?


  1. Carol

    What a find! you know, I would have thought just the opposite…that the dark color would absorb more sunlight and add to the heat of the earth. Things are never as simple as we might think at first. It takes a lot of research to determine the end results.
    Thank you for the variety of subjects to ponder.

  2. Borya

    “How sweet the breeze in the pine grove”…. Already Mozart worked on this fragrance. Or at least the guy who worked out the Libretto. But then Mozart made it music!

  3. Victor

    And to think that little tree hung from your rearview mirror not only keeps the car smelling fresh but also negates the effect of the CO2 coming out the back! OK, Hummer owners might need to hang two. ;-)


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