Tears? Rain?

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There is a little problem. I am having a hard time matching the title with a photo/image. Currently I am investigating the possibility of a new title. I am contemplating using an obvious title, such as “Solo Guitar” or something to that effect. It is simple and straightforward and gives the casual CD browser in a store an honest hint at the character of the music, something the title “Tears in the Rain” does not accomplish. There is also the possibility of calling the album simply “Solo”, and if I record an album of duets, I can of course call that CD “Duets” (clever, eh?)…

The title “Tears in the Rain” was meant to reflect on the gesture of creating music. However, I feel that it also conjurs up a whole lot of imagery that is not necessarily befitting what I created.


  1. Curt

    OK, you’re freaking me out a little now! I was going to offer a suggestion of a title for you but I would never presume…

    Anyway, my suggestion would have been something that better fit the emotion of the music. Intimacy. Solitude. Alone. Solo! But ‘Solo’ might be too close to Solo para ti. Not sure.

    Just please don’t use “Alone”. That’s what I’m planning on titling my own first project!!!


  2. Colby

    Tears in the Rain reminds me of the Blade Runner soundtrack song when Rutger Hauer tells his story as a replecant. Looking forward to the next CD, no matter what it is called.

  3. Adam Solomon

    Oh, surely you’re joking! There is loads of potential imagery you can come up with :) Much better than merely changing it to a less-obvious name, too! A Tears in the Rain cover jumps out immediately to me as something dark and full. Aptly so, a scene of a rainy night. Evening hours on a street, maybe, dark out but not pitch black, with something large but vague–perhaps a person taking up a good portion of the left half of the image–in motion, blurry, raindrops falling of his/her body. The key thing, I feel, is that it has that dark (not as in broody and gothic, but as in merely an evening dark just past twilight), wet and rainy feel that neither image has. I think they are both too bright to fit the album’s motif and title…

    And yes, the red cover would be awesome for up close! :D

  4. Borya

    “Tears in the Rain” is a wonderful title for guitar improvisations that never will come back like this. It does not only suggest something dark but also a faint and tender cry on a face that normally nobody ever would notice. How many notes have been played that never will be heard? How many stories have been written that never will be read? How many words have been spoken that never will be heard? And how many dances have been danced, secretely, for one alone, that never will touch anybody else?

    By chosing a cover you have the possibility of getting away from the “rain” and “tear” image without dropping the title. I like “Tears in the Rain” and would maybe add in small letters “guitar improvisations” or only “improvisations”.

    But of course there might be other titles fitting perfectly as well.

  5. Carol

    And as Ottmar says, we all seem to have a different feeling about tears in the rain…We look at our own experiences likely..and they differ. The title belongs somewhere..at least on a song. maybe in a chapter in Ottmar’s book yet to be written. who knows….

  6. Borya

    Of classical composers there are albums out that are called “only” what they contain, take e.g. Chopin’s “Impromptu”.

  7. Carol

    Well, I hope many read what you have written, Boris. That’s beautiful.


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