Tears in the Rain

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Tears Idea 2
Here are the first two ideas for the Tears in the Rain cover. The one above I photographed and put together tonight – all photos lit using only candle light – the other I put together last week.
Tears in the Rain (Idea 1)
I am not convinced that either one is the right choice. The bottom one would make a great cover for the next band album: up close


  1. Borya

    I’d totally agree with what you say about what choices you’d make at the moment. The new cover is wonderful! (Showing pictures of my fav place. :))

  2. eno

    I guess this is just my 2 cents…

    I really dig both pictures. The top one is really cool. For some reason though, IMO, having the chair and microphone with the candles in the back feels better to me. Something about not seeing the music, only the environment of which it was created.

    Either way I think both are excellent concepts and I look forward to seeing what the final cover would be =)

  3. Curt

    While I really like the first image, I don’t see it as having anything to do with the title. To me, Tears in the Rain conjers up images of sadness, or washing away something unpleasant for a new beginning. Rain would put out all of those candles! :)

    I agree that the second image would be great for Up Close!

  4. Matt Callahan

    The top picture would be great for the liner notes. It reminds me of the pics inside Innamorare. You’re right, the bottom may be best for Up Close. And I really like the OL font for the title. Great idea :)

  5. Carol

    It sure would. Up close, and your music is always personal.


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