Security System Left Open

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Wired News: Border Security System Left Open
A computer failure that hobbled border-screening systems at airports across the country last August occurred after Homeland Security officials deliberately held back a security patch that would have protected the sensitive computers from a virus then sweeping the internet, according to documents obtained by Wired News.

And last week author Bruce Sterling had this rant:

Beyond the Beyond
This thumbfingered mash-up of a security agency is just SO LOUSY! It’s AMAZING how bad they are! Not only are they NOT leading other, lesser agencies into the sunlit uplands of improved security — they’re blowing THEIR OWN computer security! And now their #2 press guy is a Net predator who gets nabbed by local law enforcement in a sting? Really…. what can one say? Other than: where is their accountability? Where is the sense of honor, where is the public service? Why do they go to work in the morning? Why don’t they go home and let SOME OTHER government protect American citizens? Canada, maybe.

Hm, maybe they just don’t get it? A member of Congress told me a couple of years ago about another member who held up their government-issue BlackBerry and said it seemed to be broken. The solution was, why don’t you turn it ON first.


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