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World Chess Boxing Organisation
The World Chess Boxing Organisation (WCBO) has taken the patronage of this new sport under its wing. It propagates the spread of chessboxing to all five continents. Upcoming stations planned for chessboxing events in 2006 are Cologne and New York. August 2005, the first chessboxing gym opened in the Berlin district of Mitte.
The task of the WCBO is to train people in the no. 1 thinking sport and the no. 1 fighting sport, and in the combination of both. In the future new training methods will be developed in cooperation with experts from both sport worlds, sport scientists and neurologists.

One of the goals of this new sport is the old ideal of a healthy mind in a healthy body: mens sana in corpore sano. During a chessboxing fight the control of aggression plays a big role. That’s why WCBO’s motto is: ‘Fighting is done in the ring and wars are waged on the board’.
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Ah, two sports I don’t enjoy watching, for different reasons… nope, still not interested.


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