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BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Berlusconi’s poll fight ends with a bang
Silvio Berlusconi has made one final push to hang on to his job as Italy’s prime minister.

He told a rally in Naples that his opponents worshipped Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot. He has warned Catholics that the left includes ‘priest eaters’.

I don’t think anything needs to be added.
You can find another article on the subject HERE.


  1. Cesco

    It seems for me that might induce narcissism and, even worse; it seems to encourage negative temperamental characteristics. The wish, that especially powerful politician only act in a most ethically way, seems more and more naive…

    I’ve found a short text in one of my books, written by Dschuang Dsi, unfortunately, it is in German but I can translate the title for you, it’s called “The mirror of the heart”

    Der höchste Mensch gebraucht sein Herz wie ein Spiegel. Er geht den Dingen nicht nach und geht ihnen nicht entgegen; er Spiegelt sie wider, aber hält sie nicht fest. Er ist nicht der Sklave seines Ruhmes; er hegt nicht Pläne, er gibt sich nicht ab mit dunklen Geschäften. Er beachtet das Kleinste und das Unerschöpfliche gleichermaßen. Bis aufs letzte nimmt er entgegen, was der Himmel spendet, und hat doch, als hätte er nichts. So bleibt er stets demütig.

  2. Ottmar

    I am not sure I understand what you are talking about. It is not that we need to hold a politician or public person to a higher standard – but ANY standard. If you had said what is attributed to Mr.Berlusconi I would think it was a dumb statement as well. I don’t hold Berlusconi to a higher standard than anybody else. I think the name of the man you are quoting is spelled Chuang Tzu in English and I have read his works many times. Not one, not two. I think the quote you left has nothing to do with my post.


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