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Robert Fripp’s Diary
But these are the stinkers…

Territory: UK & Eire
Club/mail order/export: 50% of the otherwise applicable royalty rate, based on the price accounted to Licensee by such club/mail order/export operation.

Two territories, one very small & one relatively small. So, where are the records going? Clearly, abroad. That is, they are being exported. Exports attract 50% royalties on the price accounted to Licensee. So, press up as many as you can & send them to the EEC and anywhere else you like at any price you like to ask (ie bulk discount).

Yes, indeed. Artist are usually only paid 50% on albums that are exported. Maybe you are a musician and new to the business of music, or maybe you are dreaming to be ensnared in this business in the future, or maybe you are even wondering whether you would give up a foot to be a professional musician – in any case you would do well to subscribe to Mr. Fripp’s diary for some of the inside scoop.


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