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Why would a hermit crab need a plastic house? Like it’s distant human relative, the American hermit crab population is currently facing a massive housing shortage. There are simply not enough shells left on beaches anymore for hermit crabs to inhabit. Biologists routinely find crabs attempting to shelter themselves in glass jars, plastic containers and whatever other ill-fitting forms of refuse they can find. Scientists suspect that this sad situation might be due to pollution or over-collecting of seashells by humans.

Continue reading and check out a prefab home for crabs by clicking on the title-link.


  1. Victor

    I think it needs a more catchy name… maybe “Crabitat from Humanity”.

  2. Carol

    One time I picked up a pretty shell and put it in son Greg’s truck. It was quite a surprise when it started walking around. Greg told me it was being inhabited by a hermit crab so we watched it waddle back to the water. That was fun. Catch and release you know..
    I guess I didn’t think aboout doing wrong by picking up used shells.


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