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ThinkGeek: Buzzaire – Metered Dose Caffeine Inhaler
Buzzaire is, quite simply, a caffeine inhaler. One squeeze, one inhale, and you’ve just rushed 150mg of caffeine into your blood stream. Mints or drinks have to go through your digestive tract first before partying in your blood (or through your skin, in the case of caffeinated soap). But the lung/blood barrier is the fastest way (other than injection or IV) to get caffeine into your system. Not only will you get one heck of a rush, but you’ll also freshen your breath! A hint of peppermint oil in each puff will give you a little extra perk with its peppy zing. Buzzaire can beat up your air!

Warning: Do not take more than 4 doses in a 24 hour period. Too much caffeine can be fatal.
(Via Ektopia)

Think Geek indeed – to separate caffeine from the ritual of drinking coffee for example. Sure, this will get your buzz on quickly and efficiently, but to me coffee is a lovely little ritual. There is the smell of the coffee, there is the warm cup in my hands, there is the bitter flavor in my mouth and if I am in Italy there is also the social aspect of being in room full of people. I write in Italy, because I usually don’t go out for coffee in the USA. Frankly I can make a superior cup of espresso or cappuccino at home or even on our bus. I’ll go to a café only to snag some Wi-Fi or to be among people.

Using a inhaler is just so… efficient, practical, unromantic, not-sensual, intellectual, and addicted…

Just imagine how many new designer drugs we will get over the next couple of decades. Alcohol Inhalers for example… now that they have mapped the genome of Pinot Noir, they could even deliver your alcohol with a nice scent… why wait for your digestive system when you can get plastered in a minute… And then the nano drugs… Interesting.

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  1. David Jr.

    Be sure to add one to your Shopping Cart. Along with the USB George Foreman grill.

    That website cracks me up…



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